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This is how you get me to pay for music

Posted in Finds, Music, Thoughts with tags , , , , , , , on November 22, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

Since the demise of the CD (yes, I’m calling it officially ‘demised‘) artists have been looking to package music in ways that give something special to people who actually pay instead of just download. Back in the day liner notes were good enough, but today you need more. Quickly run through any music store (no, not iTunes, I mean an actual store – remember those?) and you’ll see CD packaged with all sorts of stuff – t-shirts, books, toys…

But once in a while, someone will come up with a really cool idea.


SONOIO is an electronic solo project of Alessandro Cortini (ex-NIN). Like every other artist, you can buy his music online.  But in addition to the standard mp3 download SONOIO offers a package that comes with a tiny synthesizer (SuONOIO) already packed with samples that were used to create the music on the album.

This thing is cool and, for the geekier people in your life, would make a great gift.

Video didn’t kill the radio star… mp3s did

Posted in Music, Thoughts with tags , , , , , on March 7, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

I don’t own a radio.

I love music, and I go everywhere with headphones, but I just don’t own a radio.  It wasn’t a conscious decision, and I’m not even sure when exactly it happened.  I just realized one day that I hadn’t listened to the radio in years.  I used to spend hours each day listening to 102.1 The Edge in Toronto.  (I know. The edge is not today what it was in the mid-90s. The people have changed, the music has changed.)

I don’t have a television either.  That was a conscious decision though, and one that I’ve never regretted.

But what I do regret is that I always fall behind when it comes to new music.  I find that I need to periodically Google my favourite artists just to find out if they’ve released anything new.  Clearly this works fine for artists that I already know – but what about new artists?  Sometimes I don’t hear about the next big thing until months after their limelight has dimmed.  It happened with The Shins.  It happened with The Postal Service.  I’ve still never actually heard a Lady Gaga song. (I’m guessing that’s not a bad thing though.)

Sometimes I feel like there is this mass of amazing music just outside my reach.

The idea that I might be missing out on great music is so disappointing.  And the disappointment is crushing.

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