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I am not a radical extremist

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Source: Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press from

Heritage Minister James Moore thinks that anyone who opposes his copyright legislation is a “radical extremists”. Yep! Just like that.

Never mind the fact that our system of government is designed around the basic tenet that proposed legislation should be discussed in a forum where opposing interests have a voice. Nope.  The bill is perfect, so everyone that disagrees must be mistaken. Right?

Oh, and lets just ignore the obvious undertones involved when anyone uses the term “radical extremist”.  It’s not like people will actually make the links anyway. Right?


I’ve seen a lot of politicians make questionable statements.  But this is different.

Moore has essentially eliminated all legitimate opposition to his bill, by simply assuming that he is right and the rest of the country is wrong.

Well, I’m sorry Mr. Moore but you are wrong. Not because you believe in your bill – you have every right to believe in it. No, you are wrong because you do not understand the system of government that is used in this country.  It’s called representative democracy, and it means that you as a representative work for us.  You do not tell us that we are wrong, we tell you what we want, and you fight for it.

If we tell you that we don’t like a bill, then you don’t pass it.  It’s really that simple.  If you don’t like the job that we have given you, then go work for someone else.

Too high and mighty to share an umbrella?

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The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh begin their nine-day tour Photo: GETTY Source:

I noticed that in all of the news footage of her visit to Halifax today, the Queen walked under her crazy umbrella while Michaelle Jean, our Governor General, had to walk in the rain.

I know that she is the Queen, so she doesn’t have to share her umbrella… but it would have been nice.

Tax Free Savings Account Angst

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I am getting really tired of hearing about the 70,000+ Canadians who recently received notices that they have over contributed to their TFSA.

When I opened my account in March ’09 I read all of the documentation that PC Financial had available, and then I read everything I could find on CRA’s website.  I knew and understood the rules from the day I opened the account.  And now, I don’t owe any money.

But apparently there are more than 70,000 people who didn’t do the research and now they owe 1% per month for their over contributions.  As far as I am concerned, they should be required to pay every cent.

Instead, CRA has extended the deadline for people to submit the paperwork for an appeal.  That is garbage.  I learned in grade school that there are consequences to not paying attention.  These people must have been home sick that day.

FIFA World Cup 2010: England vs. Germany

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England’s loss today was probably the most disappointing match so far.  They played terribly, and deserved to lose, but still totally disappointing.  I don’t know who to cheer for now.

Get ready to upgrade your Blu-ray player!

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I don’t even own a Blu-ray player yet, and there is already a new specification that requires an upgrade. The specs for the BDXL disc will allow up to 128GB worth of data to be stored on a single disc.   I thought that the drastic drop in the price of harddrives, combined with the increasing use of solid-state drives was going to let us move away from optical media… Apparently not yet.

The T-Shirt Dress

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Gwyneth Paltrow in Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums

I have unilaterally decided that the t-shirt dress needs to make a comeback.  Why?  It probably has something to do with the fact that I recently watched The Royal Tenenbaumsbut that’s not the point.  The t-shirt dress is simple and sexy.  Especially the striped variety. (Eyeliner is optional, but appreciated.)

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Portable wine?

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I can’t decide if Wine Innovations’ new individually sealed glasses of wine are awesome or terrible. Sort of reminds me of those old cups of apple juice you used to get with McDonald’s breakfast.

Unfortunately, the beverages are only available to the UK and Europe right now, but something tells me it won’t take long for the expansion to North America.

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How did I miss the earthquake?

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So apparently there was an earthquake today (hit the link for a funny video).  Strangely, I know this only because CBC ran a ticker-tape with the news during it’s afternoon showing of the Germany vs. Ghana match.  Somehow, despite being in Centretown all day, I didn’t feel a thing!  I’m not sure if I should feel lucky, or ripped-off!

To the guy in line ahead of me at the grocery store:

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The website is not called Wickerpedia!  It is Wikipedia!

Wickerpedia, were it to exist, would probably be an open encyclopædia containing information about wicker furniture.  Of course, such an encyclopædia does not exist because – in addition to the fact that it would be very silly – nobody actually likes wicker furniture.  However, even if it did exist, I am certain that it would not contain any information regarding the production of candy.

As such, when you tell your wife that you know the answer to the Caramilk secret because you read about it on Wickerpedia, you sound stupid.

Oh, and incidentally, there is no explain of the Caramilk secret on Wikipedia either (as of this posting).

Unnatural disasters

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Why is it that we ascribe the term “natural disaster”  to floods, avalanches, mudslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other perfectly natural occurrences only when they destroy completely unnatural, man-made structures?

An earthquake isn’t a disaster – it’s a basic geological phenomenon.  Likewise, the leveling of a city is not natural – cities are about as far from nature as we can get.

Yes, floods, avalanches, mudslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis sometimes destroy our things, and it is very unfortunate.  But we should be clear:  when this happens it is not nature ravaging humanity, it is humanity getting in nature’s way.

Nature was here first, and nature will be here last. Lets all agree to stop mixing these concepts.