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Video didn’t kill the radio star… mp3s did

Posted in Music, Thoughts with tags , , , , , on March 7, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

I don’t own a radio.

I love music, and I go everywhere with headphones, but I just don’t own a radio.  It wasn’t a conscious decision, and I’m not even sure when exactly it happened.  I just realized one day that I hadn’t listened to the radio in years.  I used to spend hours each day listening to 102.1 The Edge in Toronto.  (I know. The edge is not today what it was in the mid-90s. The people have changed, the music has changed.)

I don’t have a television either.  That was a conscious decision though, and one that I’ve never regretted.

But what I do regret is that I always fall behind when it comes to new music.  I find that I need to periodically Google my favourite artists just to find out if they’ve released anything new.  Clearly this works fine for artists that I already know – but what about new artists?  Sometimes I don’t hear about the next big thing until months after their limelight has dimmed.  It happened with The Shins.  It happened with The Postal Service.  I’ve still never actually heard a Lady Gaga song. (I’m guessing that’s not a bad thing though.)

Sometimes I feel like there is this mass of amazing music just outside my reach.

The idea that I might be missing out on great music is so disappointing.  And the disappointment is crushing.

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