Interesting places

8bitcollective – An old take on new music.

altered books – Books really are defined by the reader.

Bald Guy Greetings – Tell them what you really think.

Ball to Drive You Crazy – Literally hours of fun.

The Book Inscription Project – The only way to write in a book without ruining it.

Chat Roulette – More addicting than Stumbleupon, but harder to explain.

Formspring.Me – Sometimes only a stranger can answer your question.

The Idea Swap – You don’t always get a fair trade.

LibraryThing – I have a lot of books.

Matthew Good – We can debate the validity of his politics if you really want to – but the bottom line is the man makes awesome music.

OMG That Rocks – Don’t let the name of the site deter you.

Once Sentence – Short and sweet.

Ongoing History of New Music – I used to listen to this show every Sunday night. Every Sunday.

PostSecret – For shy exhibitionists.

recursion – Everyone needs one of these.

Sharing the Stories – Share yours.

WriteSomething – Like a used book store – mostly trash fiction but once in a while you find something great.

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