The worst idea for a blog, ever.

If there’s one thing every expert will tell you before starting a blog, it’s that you should have a single, basic, underlying focus.  Whether it is local sports, politics, technology, food, puppeteering, or celebrity gossip, make sure to pick one and stick to it.  The idea, of course, is that in order to convince readers to come back regularly you need to show that you have content they are interested in.  You just can’t attract regular readers if you don’t have a consistent theme.

The second thing every expert recommends is to choose a theme that you are really enthusiastic about.  If you don’t, it will show in your writing and you’ll be much less likely to consistently posts new material.

If you accept these two pieces of advice, you’ll keep posting and people will keep reading.  So say the experts at least.

Well this blog doesn’t follow either of these rules.  I started Antisocial Thoughts so that I would have a place to let out things in my mind that I would otherwise have kept to myself.  If I find something, read something, hear something, or think something that I feel the need to express, but have no direct audience for, it goes here.

Since my mind doesn’t stick to a single theme, neither can my blog.  Likewise, I often post trivialities that, far from creating enthusiasm, are forgotten almost before they are written.

The end result probably contains significant insight into my mind, but won’t likely ever be consistent.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for a blog with a nice orderly theme, you’ll have to look elsewhere.  On the other hand, if you are interested in going on a ride through my mind, while making stops at places I find at least passingly interesting, read on.

Either way, I hope you find what you are looking for.


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