About me too

I have a blog.  I have a Facebook profile.

I tweet. I send email.

I read. I listen to music.

I used to play the piano.  I take guitar lessons.

I hate paying utility bills. I love buying ice cream.

I in-line skate.  I don’t run.

I pay $80/month for a bus pass. I don’t remember how to drive.

I have a job. I really like my job.

I don’t drink coffee. I don’t eat chololate.

I live in a house. I prefer apartments.

I don’t like pets.  I tolerate pets.

I don’t like summer. I’d rather be cold.

I am a fraud. I don’t exist.

I am a figment of someone’s imagination.

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One Response to “About me too”

  1. Just stopped in to say I thought your comment on Josh Landy’s blog was dead on and respectful. As a dating blogger, I guess I was more prone to appreciate it, but really – well said.

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