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Ottawa’s Classic Air Rallye is more fun than Super-Ex

Posted in Thoughts with tags , , , , , , on August 29, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

I also went to the Classic Air Rallye held at the Canada Aviation Museum this weekend.  For once the weather was perfect and it was a great excuse to finally get out to the Aviation Museum itself.  I took lots of pictures, unfortunately I didn’t think to take a real camera so I had to use the camera built into my phone.  They’re not great, but they could be worse.

Click the picture bellow to see the panorama in full size.  And hit this link to see all the other pictures I took.

Watch flight traffic online

Posted in Finds, Random with tags , , , on April 15, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

I just came across  Basically, it shows live aircraft traffic in the airspace above Europe on a Google Map – in real time.

It’s pretty much useless, but somehow still quite intriguing.

Flights over Europe