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You do not have a right to hear cars

Posted in Aggravations, Thoughts with tags , , , , on July 5, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

It seems that every few months this story comes back. Once again, we are hearing from people who are concerned about the lack of noise that emanates from Hybrid vehicles.  Well, today I am going to take a stand:

It is not the responsibility of the government to make sure that you can hear cars.

There, I said it.

I realize that this may sound harsh to anyone with a visual impairment, but it needs to be said. Our cities are clogged with dirty, smelly, noisy cars; and something needs to be done.  As it is, we have a fairly affordable method of helping with three out of these four problems – the hybrid vehicle doesn’t help with traffic, but it’s cleaner, less polluting and quieter.  Those are the benefits.  None of those things are a negative, least of all the noise relief.

I know all about the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report that said hybrid vehicles are twice as likely to be involved in pedestrian crashes at low speeds compared with cars that have conventional engines. This report has been cited in almost every hybrid vehicle new story since it was released.  But what the stories forget to mention is that the vast majority of these pedestrian accidents are caused by pedestrians who can see just fine but are simply not paying attention.  They presume that no car is coming because they don’t hear anything, but they don’t bother to look! Well, unfortunately I have no sympathy for you if you get hit by a car because you didn’t bother to look before crossing the street.

And what about the blind?  Well, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by this point, life’s tough.  You can’t see, and that sucks, but it isn’t the responsibility of the government to make sure that you cross the street safely.  And it’s certainly not my responsibility to make sure that my car is loud enough to keep you up on the sidewalk as I drive by.

We live in a society that has completely forgotten what it means to have rights.  “Rights” were never intended to force the government to give. They are supposed to protect individuals from the government taking.