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Ottawa “only” the second worst city for arts funding, Calgary hits new low

Posted in Aggravations, Random, Thoughts with tags , , , , , , on April 14, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

An Ottawa City Council committee is reportedly going to hear on Thursday about how the city spent $6.08 per person on arts and festivals in 2008. This is supposedly an improvement over the $3.64 per person that was reported for 2005, and brings Ottawa ahead of Calgary’s $5.45 per person. Of course Ottawa is still behind Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.

Great. So the nation’s capital, the city that should be setting the bar for everyone else, is one step from the bottom? And we should celebrate because, incredibly, that is an improvement!?

Before you get too excited, this ‘improvement’ is apparently the product of a 2007 arts investment strategy that city council adopted – a strategy that runs out this year. So council gets to decide if it wants to renew the program.

According to CBC, Councillor Diane Deans is in favour of the program… but what about the rest of council?