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This post is not about Vampires

Posted in Thoughts with tags , , , , , , on September 26, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

So, tonight I came across the Facebook fan page for Vampire: The Masquerade.  No, I wasn’t looking for it, someone from my distant past has been a fan since forever – long, long before the current Twilight induced pop fascination with vampires. In fact, the first edition of the game – which was originally not an online game (remember those?)  was published in 1991. Ya, that’s right, 1991.

Moving on.

Normally, finding a fan page is hardly notable. But this fan page is different: aside from a profile picture and the initial “joined Facebook” message, there is only a single entry under the page’s activity list.  This suggests that the creators of the page have literally add no content whatsoever.


Despite the complete lack of content, as of tonight  12,104 people have Liked the page.

There are artists, musicians, actors, jugglers, etc. who post updates to Facebook on a daily basis just to maintain a fan-base half the size.

In this crazy online world we have found ourselves in, it is refreshing to know that people still enjoy offline activities.