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Let the fiasco begin!

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I’m going to get right to the point – there are going to be monkeys guarding the venues at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India. Yes, monkeys.

Why monkeys?  Here’s the logic: Delhi has a history of wild monkeys terrorizing visitors, so the plan is to have slightly bigger monkeys patrol the grounds to scare away the smaller terrorist monkeys.

What is going to protect visitors from being terrorized by the larger monkeys? They don’t know yet – but Bengal Tigers and Elephants are rumored to be on the short list.

And who will protect visitors from actual, human, terrorists?  Nobody. Everyone will either be running in fear from the monkeys, or laughing and pointing at those running in fear from the monkeys.

In any case, the Evil League of Evil has already mandated that there will be no official acts of terrorism directed towards the Games… they figure that between the monkeys and the crumbling infrastructure, there’s already enough for the visitors to be afraid of.

Finally, a planet just like home, but somewhere else

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Scientists have discovered the first ever exoplanet likely to be inhabitable: So the race is on to see who will develop interstellar travel first….

If we can get to Gliese 581g before the Glisesians get to Earth, we might be able to use the element of surprise to our advantage.  If not, we better hope that they wasted all of their time developing spaceships instead of weapons.