Facinating urban wildlife

Why is it that if I have a camera, and squirrel happens by, I have the inexplicable urge to capture the creature on film? I’ve probably seen hundreds of squirrel in my lifetime, but I always feel the need to take a picture anyway.

Case in point: a few weeks back, I came across an old roll of true black & white film that hadn’t been used.  So I figured I’d better use it before it got any older.  I loaded it into my trusty 1965 Nikon F and went for a walk.  I had a nice time, but most of the 24 shots didn’t turn out.  The age of the film made a lot of the images washed out and grainy – and my generally poor manual photography skills ruined most of the others.

I did get a few decent prints though – somehow the four squirrel shots were perfect. Below is my favourite, but you can see the rest on my Facebook profile.


Squirrel by the Canal. (Copyright Mitch Leuraner 2010)

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2 Responses to “Facinating urban wildlife”

  1. I like the photo–nicely done.

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