This post is super-awesome

This post is super-awesome

"This post is super-awesome" option.

There seems to be a new option under the Publish section of’s Add New Post screen. The check box says, “This post is super-awesome”.

It’s possible that the option has been there for some time – I’m really not that observant.  But I think that it actually has to do with the new “Surprise me (Fun mode)” option that I found in my Personal Settings this morning.

I still have no idea what checking this box does – but I’m checking it anyway!

7 Responses to “This post is super-awesome”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mitch Leuraner. Mitch Leuraner said: This post is super-awesome: […]

  2. I got it too though I didn’t choose ‘surprise me’

  3. i just discovered it too!! but im a tad later than you.. and i found yer blog by searching it in the search bar :) perhaps i’ll roam around the blog, up your view count (mine needs upping lols hint hint)

  4. so, what does it do though?

  5. It seems to have added a tag titled ‘super-awesome’ to your post. Read your tag list.

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