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This post is super-awesome

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This post is super-awesome

"This post is super-awesome" option.

There seems to be a new option under the Publish section of’s Add New Post screen. The check box says, “This post is super-awesome”.

It’s possible that the option has been there for some time – I’m really not that observant.  But I think that it actually has to do with the new “Surprise me (Fun mode)” option that I found in my Personal Settings this morning.

I still have no idea what checking this box does – but I’m checking it anyway!

People are so clever! And vicious!

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I learned a new word today: Ransomware.

Apparently there is a new scam going around in Japan. A file that is supposed to contain a pornographic video game is in fact a program that scans a victim’s computer, collects personal details, and then send the victim an email demanding cash. The threat is that if the victim doesn’t come up with the payment, the makers of the program will tell everyone that the victim had purchased the porn game in the first place.

This is only the latest tactic that ransomware creators have employed.  Others include mining filesharing services with a virus that changes the user’s background to the FBI logo and then requests that the victim use a credit card to pay a fine – a fine that clearly does not go back to the FBI, but does give the attacker all of the victim’s credit card information.

An even simpler form of ransomware visibly infects a computer and then prompts the victim to purchase “anti-virus software” to remove it – and of course the antivirus software is bogus.

People really are so clever.  I bet that if we could get people to take even a quarter of the effort they put into scamming each other and put it towards helping each other instead, we probably wouldn’t have anyone homeless or hungry.

Culinary rules

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Never eat Cheetos before 9am.  Not even the crunchy kind.

Addendum: If ever in China, do not eat the turkey flavoured Cheetos, regardless of time of day.

Will they fit?

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Last week I had the opportunity to use a Clearly Contacts discount code that essentially gave me a full set of glasses for “free”. (I had to pay taxes and shipping.)  While this was my first attempt at purchasing glasses online, I actually began buying contact lenses online some time ago.

With contact lenses, I realized that in addition to the fact that there is a significant cost savings, buying online also meant that I could continue to use a prescription that’s more than a few years old. My prescription hasn’t changed in years, but normally the sales people at places like LensCrafters and Hakim Optical will refuse to accept an outdated prescription. They insist that you get your eyes examined, and conveniently there is always an optometrist office right next door.  It doesn’t matter that your current prescription works great.

But online retailers are apparently less picky. I always stick to Canadian companies, mostly for the assurance that the quality of the product will be decent, but also because I know they are legitimate.

The trouble is, this doesn’t really work for glasses.  If you are anything like me, you will spend literally hours going in and out of glasses stores looking for the right pair.  It’s hard picking glasses – they need to be the right shape, the right colour, the right size. And just because a pair looks good in your hand, doesn’t mean it will look good on your face.

So how do you choose a new pair of glasses when all you can do is read the description on a website?  I don’t really have an answer, but the Clearly Contacts discount code gave me a chance to try anyway.

Joseph Marc 4007 In the end, I decided on the Joseph Marc 4007.  They’re really not my usual style, which is generally limited to dark metal frames, but I figured that since I was only buying them because they were “free” I might as well try something new. Besides, even if I look silly in them I can always use a “sittin’ ’round the house” pair – so long as they physically fit on my face.

How did I decide on these? Well, I looked at the picture… I have no idea what they will look like on my face, or even if my choice of size “medium” was appropriate.

But what I do know is that for $12 – that’s what the taxes and shipping came to –  it was worth taking the chance. Now I’m just waiting for them to arrive in the mail.  I’ll give an update once I’ve had the chance to try them out.

Update: They came, and they are awesome.  Officially my favourite pair of glasses!