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iPhone gets multitasking (sort of), also starts wearing Hammer pants

Posted in Aggravations with tags , , , , on April 10, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

iPhone in HammerPantsIs anyone else tired of Steve Jobs announcing “new” features for the iPhone that really are not new at all?  The big deal for iPhone OS 3 was the ability to copy/paste – a “feature” that even my grandmother could see was missing.  The latest wonder is multitasking, which is supposed to allow users to run more than one app at a time.  But there are two problems here:

  1. iPhone OS 4 does not allow users to multitask – it allows developers to access 7 services that can run in the background. For many, this may seem like a fine distinction since the available services (Background Audio, Voice Over IP, Location Services, Push Notifications, Local Notifications, Task Completion, and Fast Apps Switching) will probably accommodate the majority of the sheep people who purchase an iPhone.  But that is beside the point – users cannot multitask unless the developer specifically created the app to do so, and even then it will only work in very specific ways.
  2. Multitasking has been around forever!  There are actually people out there right now, who are perfectly capable of using an iPhone, but are too young to remember life before Windows 3.0. So young in fact, they probably don’t know what Hammer pants are! These people have grown up in a universe that has always had multitasking computers, and now their phone is just catching up? The iPhone was developed as a music playing / internet browsing / phone calling machine.  By definition it should have had multitasking from version 1.

But that is the snag isn’t it?  If Jobs gave people what they wanted up front, he couldn’t sell them a new one each year.

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