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A truly ‘Generic Love Poem’

Posted in Finds, Words with tags , , , , on April 7, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

I found this poem earlier tonight on Hello Poetry:

Generic Love Poem

by Kirsty MacDonald

Call a                          doctor/ plumber/ priest*
My heart is               broken/ leaking/ deceased*
My life is                   worthless/ so much better/ over*
I’m going to              kill myself/ tell your wife/ Dover*
How could you         leave me/ not know/ lie?*
I hope you                return my stuff/ come back/ die*
I’ll never                   forget you/ forgive you/ go away*
I need                        closure/ a DNA test/ to tell you I’m gay*
Your                           face/ crotch/ top of your back*
Is                                so beautiful/ lumpy/ unusually slack*
Your                           ex/ mother/ best friend from school*
Always made me      great coffee/ feel inadequate/ drool*
I will                           miss you/ kill you/ stalk you forever*
That way we can      be friends/ get away with it/ be together*
I’m sorry                   you did this/ I did this /we failed*
I promise to               pay you/ dye it back/ get you bailed
Please don’t               leave me/ show the Polaroids/ write or call*

(*delete as appropriate, just delete it all…..)

Very clever!

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Google Streets View in 3D!

Posted in Finds, Random with tags , , , , on April 7, 2010 by Mitch Leuraner

I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I just noticed a new icon on the Google Streets View map – and it changes the view into an old school Complementary color anaglyph 3D image!!  Granted, this new feature isn’t terribly useful, but it is pretty cool.  Especially since I happen to have the right kind of glasses to make use of it. Click the image below to see one of Ottawa’s grubbier streets in all it’s 3D glory!

Google Streets View with a new icon

Google Streets View with the new icon

Google Streets View 3D

Google Streets View in 3D

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