Google’s April Fool’s hoax sort of a let down this year

I’ll admit it – I wait with a rather lame sense of anticipation for the Google April Fool’s hoax.

So far, I think that 2007 was my favorite year. That year included Gmail Paper – a free, ad-supported, service that offered Gmail users the ability to have all of their email printed and snail-mailed to them. It also included Google TiSP, which was supposedly Google’s first foray into the Internet Service Provider market. The service was to offer broadband speeds through a connection in your toilet.

But this year, the hoax is simply that Google has changed it’s name to Topeka in honour of the stupid town in Kansas that changed its name to Google in an effort to gain Google’s favour.  Somehow the hoax just doesn’t have the same level of creativity that I’ve come to expect.

So I’m disappointed. But I am holding out hope that there is some other more creative and amusing hoax yet to be discovered.


Over at iFixit, they definitely know how to do an April Fool’s prank. They have a tear-down of what you would presume is Apple’s soon to be released iPad, but then come to realize is actually the decades old Newton.  Well done.

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