Next Big Sound

I came across Next Big Sound tonight and I’ve spend the last hour punching in band names.  I’ve never really been into statistics, but I have to admit that being able to see a line chart of my favourite bands’ web presence is pretty cool.  From the site itself:

Next Big Sound tracks the number of plays, fans, views, likes, downloads, & comments that happen when fans interact with artists on 16 different sites.

The sites that are currently included in the results are:

Facebook, Last.FM, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, iLike, Wikipedia, Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Pure Volume, OurStage, Vimeo, Bebo, Amie Street, Jam Legend, and Virb.

They call all this information “Actionable Intelligence for the Music Industry” and that is a pretty spot-on description.  While the average music fan can definitely have a good time checking out the stats for their favourite band, the real win here is for artists themselves. The site allows artists to see exactly what kind of web activity they are generating, and directly compare their own stats with those of other artist.

At the moment, not all artists are being followed, and those that are being followed don’t have links to all of the available sites.  But anyone can add an artist, and anyone can update an artist’s profile with the relevant links. So as NBS becomes more popular, we should see a pretty comprehensive list of artists to follow and compare.

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